Marin: You didn’t get the Patchouli Oil Memo?


fruits and flowers

Dear Denizens of Marin County (50+)

So, you didn’t get the memo, huh?

Patchouli Oil has gone the way of EST, Earthshoes, the Frug, the Twist, Pet Rocks and Puku Shells.

You sat next to me at the Lark Theater – we moved. I sat down at the Mill Valley Library wondering why so many chairs were empty. Phew! Pew! It was you.

You wafted in and out of  stores in San Rafael…the Sausalito Ferry offered solace and strong winds…and, you were there! And, at the Dipsea, Open Studios – we knew you were near

You put the P-U in Patchouli, darling.

Catch my drift takes on  whole different meaning…

Please, please take your pretty flasks of offensive oils and donate them to the Toxic Recycling Center.

And, the County will be a sweet smelling place, again.



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In the Pink: Really Support Planned Parenthood


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Koch Bros in Bed with The Trumpettes?

marx-brot222The Kochs*, had a party and invited close friends:
~~~Richard Mellon Scaife,  heir to the Mellon banking and Gulf Oil fortunes;
~~~Harry and Lynde Bradley, midwesterners enriched by defense contracts;
~~~John M. Olin, a chemical and munitions company titan;
~~~The Coors brewing family of Colorado;
~~~Betsy DeVos and hubby of Michigan, founders of Amway

(In 2012, according to the EPA’s Toxic Release Inventory database, which documents the toxic and carcinogenic output of 8,000 American companies, Koch Industries was the Number One Producer of toxic waste in the United States.

It generated 950 million pounds of hazardous materials that year, alone.)


Big Buddies: Mercer, Bannon, Trump and  Cadell

Multi-Millionaire Mercer:  spends time and Millions for the empowerment of Trump, Bannon and the alt-right, which has included anti-Semitic and white-supremacist voices. 

See New Yorker Article here

The Secret Meeting?

“The White House declined to divulge what Trump and Caddell discussed in North Charleston, as did Caddell.
But that afternoon, Trump issued perhaps the most incendiary statement of his Presidency: a tweet calling the news media “the enemy of the American people.” Really?

The proclamation alarmed liberals and conservatives alike.

William McRaven, the retired Navy admiral who commanded the 2011 raid that killed Osama bin Laden, called Trump’s statement a “threat to democracy.”

The President is infamous  for tweeting impulsively, but in this case his words weren’t spontaneous: they clearly echoed the thinking of Caddell, Bannon, and Mercer.

In 2012, Caddell gave a speech at a conference sponsored by Accuracy in Media, a conservative watchdog group, in which he called the media “the enemy of the American people.”

Coincidence?  That declaration was promoted by Breitbart News, a platform for the pro-Trump alt-right, of which Bannon was the Executive Chairman, before joining the Trumpettes .


BookEnds: KellyA and Bannon:  Mercer was a major supporter of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign for president.

Mercer and his daughter played a role in the elevation of Stephen Bannon and Kellyanne Conway into senior roles in the Trump campaign

Quelle Surprise: One of the main stakeholders in Breitbart News is the angry and  reclusive Robert Mercer.”


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Uh oh, the ladies are leaving – big online dating Exodus

Leaving the Party?

Suddenly Single in Marin

dead-44155__180Massive Exit: Girls 50+ say the playing field is not level.

 Exit Sign

There are approximately 2.5 million people in enrolled in online dating sites like, eHarmony, OKCupid, Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Chemistry, and Christian

The dating sites are made up of 52 % men and 48% women. What are the odds? Who are the odds?

To tell the truth

Fact: More men lie about height and age than women. Women tend to erase a few pounds. Go figure…

More men set their sights on dating a younger companion. Ladies, generally tend to “Date their decade.” Truth be told, a lot of guys-all gaga with this new suddenly single chapter admit to thinking “This time around (post divorce and long marriage) I’m gonna get me a babe!” Really, Fred Mertz?

 Thou doth protest too much

Men over 50: aiming to appear youthful and virile, drown their online dating…

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What time is it? High Nunes

 Always in a Rush…

‘Culture’ is a finite segment of the meaningless infinity of the world process, a segment on which human beings confer meaning and significance.

Max Weber


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Rain, Rain, Go Away

Rain, Rain, Go Away: My Hair is Ruined Again Today

I’m done. Saturated, drenched, waterlogged, soggy – and that’s only the deck furniture. until After days of black skies, incessant and inclement rain, replete with soggy boots, socks, hats and saturated umbrellas, we all appear to be growing fins. No wonder people are beginning to feel as edgy   and anxious as Joan Crawford in “Rain.

Baby, it’s Wet Outside: Call Noah                                                                      

This morning, four unsuspecting pedestrians in standing near HWY 101 – waiting for the SF  Bus. A blazing SUV zoomed by them causing a puddle the size of a miniature Lake Tahoe to wash over them. Two cars stopped, in the pouring rain, to offer help to the dazed and drowned rats. They are heroes. Our other heroes are the armies of dedicated PGE workers, the school crossing guards and the Marin. Fire men/women Policemen/ women standing, in the deluge, tirelessly directing traffic.

Duck, Duck, Goose

Foul weather can instantly destroy your good looks. Within minutes you can go from ‘Looking good’ to “drowned rat or ugly duckling”. Let’s face it, meeting a date while clad in a rain hat, slicker and galoshes, while carrying a soggy umbrella – not a pretty picture. 

This morning, I saw a man who looked like a Mallard. He was dressed as though he just walked out of an REI catalog. From head to toe, he was rain proof and impregnable: bold logos were on every facet of his clothing. Swarms of rain soaked humanity floated by the dry and dapper dude.

No one is tap dancing through mud puddles like Gene Kelly this last liquid while. More people are thinking about boats, canoes, kayaks – not  dancing and ballrooms.

Best advice? Google: “ark.”

Oscar Wilde was right, “Conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative“.

“There will be a rain dance Friday night, weather permitting.” George Carlin

San Francisco Dating@50 Examiner, Page Larkin, welcomes your feedback, questions and queries at

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Online Dating: Big Mistakes?

Sherry is 5″6,  athletic, walks 20 miles a week, lift weights, does  yoga  and is the best shape of her  life. She adores the Giants and likes the 49ers and is not interested in television, NASCAR, or cigars. She knew right away to avoid any  man who wanted to”snuggle in front of the fireplace.” She thought they lacked imagination and verve. She likes verve.

In the beginning, she looked at  every single profile that sent to her on a daily basis. She had standards. She decided early on, she was not

  •   Going to drive 50 miles to meet a guy – any guy.
  • No photo-posted- no time wasted
  • She was not going to date giant over six-foot one
  • The man she dated had to be athletic and outdoorsy like her

On her very first online date, she was nervous and excited.  The first man she met was a lot older than this photograph- by 10 years. She couldn’t believe that he would put an ancient photo online. It was a lie total and buzz kill. She spent 12 minutes being polite and then said, “I’m confused. I didn’t recognize you at first. Your dating picture  vaguely looks like you-10 years ago.” He bumbled and mumbled and she said, “Adios.”

Sherry discovered that man tend to stretch the truth when it comes to their height and weight. (We don’t have scales! Only women have scales.) And, yes, it is true that women also post ancient photos.

Sherry’s mantra is, “I don’t care what you looked like 20 years ago or 20 pounds ago, or before your health catastrophe, send a current photo.”

She was intrigued by Jean-Claude-55-the Marin skier who posted his tall, blond, handsome photo of 30 years earlier. The man sitting across from her at the Buckeye with thinning hair and many pounds only slightly resembled the old photo. Did he think Sherry wouldn’t notice? He was an awkward engineer sweet and nerdy.  His awkward questions indicated this was his first rodeo “Do you like sex? What kind?” Sherry reports she bid him farewell and split.

It took a while-she dated a number of guys a few times before she met Rodney Right. She reports it was worth the trouble and encourages other women try online dating.  However the most important thing she has to say is “Please avoid massive disappointments and post recent, accurate. pictures.”

Have fun out there.

What not to post:

What not to do…







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Happy St Patty’s Day


Wear Green

             Mary St Patrick’s Day

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Dating 101: Same old story?


Tom tried online dating. Frequently.

At first, he posted his “real” photograph and honestly admitted he was unemployed. He got no attention, whatsoever. He would quit one dating site and try another. Deja vu all over. Not one women wanted to meet him. Bummer.

His  younger, hipper, sister told him to spice up his profile and to embellish his work status to “retired and loving it.”

She advised him to use another photo. She sent him three to choose from:

For the heck of it, he posted the Colin Firth, as Mr Darcy photo – having no idea who the male model might be. He received a boatload of messages from a bevy of beautiful women. He was floored! This dating thing might be alright after all. 

The problem was, the flood of emails came from women all over the world. Women from Russia were very interested in this 40+ year old – retried and loving it man from California.

His sister told him to “like” Tennis and Golf on his profile. He had never played either sport – however, she seemed to be savvy. Another group of very interested, very forward, beautiful, blonde  women from exotic Nigeria sent a number of inquiries.

Tom spent hours responding to this landfall of love.

Then,  Tom noticed a pattern in the letters from from the very hot-to-trot.

The red flags were so big and bizarre; he forwarded  three profiles for ‘Missy Sole Voyager’ ‘Sleepy Girl Love’, and ‘Choose me, Big Boy’ to his sister. The writing  was fractured and strange. It was though a non-English speaking person, took several writing samples and copied and pasted sentences together

“I am a SF Bay area native, graduated Berkeley, although I have lived in New York, while working there I can safely say to you, I am reliable, punctual, humorous, evolved and I do not misrepresent anything about myself. My modesty, please~!”

Ms Bedtime Storry wrote:  Honest always as there is nothing that I can think of it that would it make wrong. I have a very beat off sense of humor and I am quick with wit. I have written humor texts in the past, I can share my work if you need proof (smiley face, again) Please contact and let’s further talk.”

Get In Timate? “I lost everything and even though I have worked on and prepare something special, at this point I am broked and starting all over. I are good. I never really realized my age, I am still quite active sexually and will not leave you alone in the bed during the night or the day an this is truest.

Same old story?  Lucky for Tom, his sister advised him to cease and desist. She told him he was being pursed by true-blue scam artists.

Down came the his fake profile – which attracted all the scamming fake females from the underworld.

Daters beware! 


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Single Once Again…a short story…

This wonderful account: From Annie S  via the e-mail bag


Dear Page Larkin,


We met in Mill Valley at the Depot in 2010

He was an espresso. I was a double latte.

We each sat at our individual little tables soaking up the rare December sun. Each sipping coffee, our faces to the sun.  Puccini ‘s Tosca was playing in the background.

I had just written the last gigantic check to my divorce attorney and the ink was finally dry. A long sordid  chapter in my life was over.

I was elated, shocked and relieved. I knew I should be surrounded by friends sipping Veuve Cliquot champagne.

But, this felt right. I had a huge wave of relief wash over me, followed by a burst of happiness.

I remember it felt  like a 1000 watt light bulb ignited…I was drenched in cliches and epiphanies. And it wasn’t the caffeine.

You know how sometimes you are so excited you just have to “share” – with someone – anyone?  Women have a propensity for this – we  just do – it’s in our DNA.

I remember feeling so elated and liberated. I was formally single and flying solo- no need for a co-pilot.

Later, he told me I was beaming as I leaned over and asked him, “Do I look single?”  He was obviously taken aback and then laughed heartily and said,

“You look too happy to be married.”

And that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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