Men in Hiding – 13 Men in Hiding Behind closed doors – why?

UntitledAvoid Men who sneak away….

Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.

Albert Einstein

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Burr, it is cold in here….

Honest    Strong    Independent



Russian Hacks Hack

CBS 0700 PST Crisp Reporting


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What is your closet, Levi?

Those hot, new, denim pants – replete with rips, holes and tears – are not new on the horizon, Binkie.

Do you have to be from San Francisco to know Levi Strauss created the first denim pants for the men working in the gold fields in California in 1873?

For gazillions of people – across the globe- a pair of denim pants is our uniform.


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Please Don’t Feed the Cougars

This gallery contains 4 photos.

Originally posted on Suddenly Single in Marin:
A Choreography of Cougars  Don’t you love the clever names for the groupings of birds and mammals?  A flock of seagulls A pride of lions A glaring of cats A choreography of cougars…

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Wondering if you’ve been dumped? Here are six signs

After the Love Has Gone: Are you feeling like Angie  or Maggie May?

If the current “Love of your life” has suddenly done a ‘Hasta la vista, baby’  and you’re in a stupor, wandering around humming Adele’s s “Someone Like You”  or wondering, “What happened?”  “Will he call? Shall I text – again? How many texts in one-hour is obsessive?” 

Stop, look, listen. There are six, easy to read, flashing-red flags and subtle little hints signifying you’ve been dumped.

 Top 6  Telltale Signs You’re Being Dumped:

1.)    They don’t pick up. All your cute, flirty, phone messages seem to fall on deaf ears.
2.)    They don’t respond to any text messages, phone calls, or e-mails.
3.)    Finally, when you do speak to them, it’s   “Oh, sorry. I’m going out with friends,” or “I’m busy,” or the most common lie of all, “I’ll call you later.”
4.)   They send you a text message that says, “I need some space, I know you understand.” Seething, you think ‘space’?  What are you- some kind of astronaut or just a coward?”

5.) You run into them and the temperature-once Hot-Hot-Hot drops to the “Ice Age,” replete with a cold shoulder, the proverbial air kiss and excuses like, “Oh, look at the time, gotta run.  I’ll call you.”

6.) They call and ask you to go for a “Walk.” Not a hike, not a picnic, not date or an event,  a  w-a-l-k. Not a leisurely Phoenix Lake walk – but a tiny Ernest Bloch Memorial Park stroll. Yellow lights should be flashing: Caution!  A walk means: “We need to talk,” which translates to: Hasta la vista, baby!

What Kind of Fool Am I?

What do you do when flashing red flags telegraph, loud and clear: it’s over?

Be careful: choices, so many choices. Pulling a Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction is not your best idea. Forget looking for the ‘bunny stew’ recipe online. Don’t even think about doing the creepy Play Misty for Me or acting like Charlize Theron’s sloppy, tawdry role in Young Adult  – another bad idea and worse movie.

Pick yourself up by your designer, black-leather boots, and start walking.
The fact that you Ex- love-of-your-life has acted so dastardly now-not five months from now- is a good thing.

Repeat after me, “Next!”  and “I Will Survive”

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Avoid bad hombres on Dating Sites

Lindsey (33, single again) signed up for  a new online dating site. After filling out a questionnaire -only  half as long as the infamous Eharmony– the company sent her this photo.


What do you think? Does this man strike you as a loving, kind, carefree, attentive, fun guy?


My advice was “run for the hills” and cancel your account pronto.

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Worst Online Dating Pic?


A quick look on  and here are five examples of “What not to do” when selecting photographs for your online dating profile.

Can you tell what is wrong in each picture?

Harry Harley is “selling” his bike, first. Then he hides behind sunglasses, leathers and a scarf. Just post a headshot. That’s all.

18485640_10209047931737448_851898492215580411_n-2Captain Ken of Indiana got too clever and doctored up his photo with Fido. In addition, he posted his full name – which is never a good idea. Sure, you want to show off and indicate you have a best friend and a boat. Take it down a notch, Captain.


Connor Call Me appears to be desperate. Call me? That is not the way  game is played – unless you want Nancy from Nigeria and Rhita from Russia to call you. Onlne Dating Scammers are on the look-out for trusting and ignorant shills who post too much information. Slow down, you should have qualms about sharing too much personal information on a dating site.


Jim Whymore: Where to begin? Rule #1: Never, ever post a photo of yourself with a girlfriend.  Rule #2: Never hide behind sunglasses and a hat. Again, posting your name on your photo is not necessary.

17202805_1522995114388650_8287743401647704336_n-2I’m Fading: Finally, select a photo that is curent, flattering and not faded. Skip the white sweater and go for a bright color. Red is the best attention-getting color on photographs.

Good luck, out there!

SEE: HERE For More “I had to Laugh Online Dating Photos”


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The first six dates are easy…right?

Are men really like the bubbles in champagne? They disappear?

Peggy, resident Internet Dating Diva, said the men she dated were like bubbles in a glass of champagne. That sounded poetic until she revealed, after six dates most guys evaporated and disappeared. She admitted the ‘disappearing act’ sometimes  happened before the sixth date. 

“Bewitched, bothered and bewildered” aka  the “Dating at 50 Group”

 Eight, Suddenly Single, women from various parts of Marin – all about the same age (Perpetually 39) were invited to Peggy’s home and a convivial Focus Group was created.

The First Meeting/Party

 Keeping with a theme: Sex in the City for Girls Over 50, pretty pink Cosmopolitans were served. Fact: Give a single woman two Cosmos and you had better be ready to take notes.

There was a tsunami of thoughts and beliefs about being Single at 50 and  the fast and fleeting dating in 2017.   

Their Patron Saint, Mae West said, “I only have ‘Yes’ men around me. Who needs ‘No’ men?”

Let Them Eat Cake

Maury, 39 for a decade, another self-proclaimed dating expert said, “On line dating is like a buffet. Single people push their trays down the buffet line and randomly pick and choose each other.” She continued, “Initially, it’s totally intoxicating. Eventually, you learn what’s healthy for your body and mind. Sometimes too much of a good thing can be bad, boy”.                                                                        
The group ran with the obvious “Dessert and Desert” metaphors.

let_them_eat cake_7Peggy  concluded with an observation that, and other costly on-line cupids, perpetuate a ‘Candy Store Mentality.’ If at first you don’t meet Mr.or Ms Right-Now, wait another day and they will send you twenty-four, brand new, perfect matches. 

imageschampagenR.I.C.E. – the new staple in dating at 50?

Following the food-chain-of-thought, the women agreed upon the four most important qualities they were looking for  “You’ve got to have RICE! You know: Respect, Integrity, Chemistry, and Energy, that’s the ticket!”

After raucous agreement and applause, the women proposed a toast Dating, Spring and New Beginnings, and months filled with romance and R.I.C.E.

Spring is in the Air!

“There comes a time in every woman’s life when the only thing that helps is a glass of champagne.” Bette Davis


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Great Date Bait – Marin Open Studios this weekend

The merry month of May in Marin …. The perfect destination for great dates – be it a first date or a 50th…

Here are a few of my very favorite things:

1.Drive, bike, ferry, paddle-board over to Marin for the annual Marin Open Studios –  Seek out Mill Valley artist, Laura Roebuck – Studio 54A  located at  332 Miller Ave, Mill Valley. Look for the Red Door. 

Walking from studio to studio and ending up downtown MV for drinks or dinner is a perfect date. Or, pop over to The Buckeye in Sausalito or Pacific Catch in Corte Madera.

2. Check out  the The Mill Valley Public Library – Not your typical library- floor to ceiling windows- impressive library enshrouded in a beautiful Redwood forest

3. Sol Food – 3000 Yelp Reviews cant be wrong- Fabulous Latin American Food. Have a picnic. Located In San Rafael and Mill Valley.

4.The Frank Lloyd Wright building – San Rafael – Marin County Civic Center and site for the state- famous Sunday Farmers Market

5. Pacific Catch  restaurant Re-Open in Corte Madera – Awesome Fish House and Bar

6. Goodman’s Lumber- Weekend Warriors Unite – Go-to for building supplies, hardware, home decor goods, paint, garden tools & other DIY essentials

7. Poggio Restaurant – One of Marin’s Best: Serving  delicious & fresh Italian food, Downtown Sausalito. George is everyone’s favorite bartender.


In Mill Valley –  Check out Studio 54A-   Studio: Laura Roebuck

Look  for the Red Door and the balloons

332  Miller Avenue


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