Page Larkin   

Dating at 50 Specialist

Speaker, consultant, nationally-known columnist.

Page Larkin, casually and candidly, translates the whom, what, when, and why not – where you live: in dazzling and sleepy Marin County.

Once a mere visitor 

Now a “Nouveau native,” Larkin is in the social trenches (cafes, market, lectures, hikes, gym, salon, bookstores, venues) doing the necessary due diligence.

She continues to conduct the research and analysis relevant to Dating at 50, embracing the Suddenly Single chapter in your life, while swimming in the Marin County Internet dating pool.

Irreverent, frisky and funny and making waves 

Enjoy wry observations, insights, tips and cautionary tales.  Take it or leave it – cool and candid advice – coupled with a keen sense of irony.

The Take Away: It’s a great time to be single, hovering around 50, and living in Marin County. Carpe diem, darlin’

Come on in, the water is hot – just the way you like it!

How is that working for you? Tell me about it: page.larkin@gmail.com

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