Beware the common “Romance Scam”

David Pogue – genius and prolific writer – gives us this golden insight to online dating scams:

Beware the nefarious: Soulmate Scam

The FBI says that “confidence/romance fraud” was the second most-reported crime in 2017, after business email compromise crime. Say you’re on a typical  dating site, and you find The One: She is gorgeous, witty, and really into you. And!  This person really, really  wants to meet you — and she hints that your first date will be something you’ll never forget. You’re hooked, lined, and sinking…


Oh! One tiny thing: — your new love-of-your-life  needs a little money for a ticket to come see you. Puhleez….

Oh, one other ittle thing, darling  “Can you help out with his/her rent?”


drinxThe Big Night...your are over the moon with the new Love of your life. Will it be all you have been dreaming about? Uh, No!

The big night arrives: Your Dreamy Date  doesn’t show up! What? No! Why?  Because “they”  not a real person. Think: Fake Photo, Fake News, Fake Email Account and gallons of lies – mis-truths and a Scam 101.

First, the stunning photo is  a stock photo ( See Pixabay for free fake photos)

Second, the Con Artist (from Russia or Nigeria) has been playing you like a piano….

What to do? Hang up. Delete. Forget about it – but first: Report the person to the dating site.  Then See:Internet Scams we Fall for 

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