Mr Popular quits dating game – almost

Suddenly Single in Marin


Tony, of six parties a week, would glide into a room to a sea of handshakes and a cyclone of air kisses. If you looked up the word bon vivant in the dictionary, Tony’s picture would be there: a tall, dark, handsome party boy.

Divorced for a dozen years he was on the party circuit. Heck, he was the party circuit. Jealously, his friends dubbed him, ‘Scout.’ In jest, women called him Casanova. Yes, there is an ounce of truth in all jest. At one time in his life, Tony was famously flirting and hot to trot; now, the only thinghaute he was after was cuisine.

Give Up the Chase?

After years of the hunt – catch and release -and after one too many first (second and last) dates– he decided to throw in the towel. (Not only did he throw in the towel, but also he laundered…

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