My dream: I was on The Dating Game

A nightmare of epic proportions!

Suddenly Single in Marin

My Dating Game Nightmare

I dreamed I was on The Dating Game and tall, dark, and handsome Jim Lange, was the host and I was “The Bachelorette.”

I was wearing Hot Pants, tights, chocolate leather boots, a heavy, crepe blouse with puffy sleeves and multiple golden chains.  My long hair was in a classic, Farrah Fawcett shag-cut.

Who Lurks Behind The Screen?

Sitting on the other side of the stage, behind the screen were the Three Eligible Bachelors.  Images of hot dates were dancing in my head: could it be Tom Selleck or David Cassidy? Perhaps Steve Martin, Adam West? Maybe Clint Eastwood?

I was given a packet of ‘Corny Questions’ to ask the Bachelors. Their answers became more obnoxious as the minutes flew by.  So much for a major flirt-festival with Bob Saget or John Ritter.  These guys were smug, flat, and dull times three.

Even with the…

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