Moving to Marin? Caution: PGE can be a hassle

PGE…so many stories…so much frustration

Suddenly Single in Marin

A warning sign for the public

PGE used to be my friend…and yours.

Once upon a time, not that long ago, when you moved to a new address
You called the one and only phone company to start service
and, then you called PGE to turn on the gas and electric.

The phone call went something like this:

PGE: Good day, PGE, may I help you?
YOU: Yes, please. I am Mary Smith and we are moving to 123 First Avenue, Apartment A, on Monday; please turn on the gas and electric on Monday morning.
PGE: We would be happy to. Consider it done. Thank you for calling.
YOU: Thank you.

Flash forward – and, the times they are a changin

Friends called PGE Marin… And thereafter, spoke to four (4, iv, cuatro) different people to opt in or opt out of something called Marin Clean AIR– or not. or is it Marin Clean Err?

Note to the…

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