Sexy seniors bed hopping bunnies?

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Like Bunnies: The Bed-hopping at the Senior Residence Center?

At first, it was ‘The Secret Scandal’ at the very upscale retirement community in San Francisco. It seemed there were two or three widows – who missed male companionship – and flirted frequently and aggressively with many of the married men.

Well, the brazen babes flirty passes and pick-ups incensed the wives of these easy octogenarians. There were ensuing meetings, with tears and new rules about waltzing round in filmy peignoirs. Unannounced nocturnal visits were severely frowned upon. And, so it goes.


New Hot Spot or Seniors

There’s a particularly, hot, new Senior Community for Elders (Note: the term Old Age Home went out with tie-dye and patchouli oil.)

Some say the New Place already has a flamboyant reputation and the waitlist to get in is as long as the line at The Buckeye Bar on a Friday night.


Looking at Flirting at 80: Is it bold, randy, and rule-free?

 How Older Men Flirt

 – Older, single, men tend to drive flashy cars: These cars – scream “Look at me! I’m havin’ a midlife crisis! Look at me. Please!”

– Daddy Big Bucks plays Show and Tell: Some of these guys think flashing a wad of cash is sexy and a magnet.

– He brags about his successful kids:  Mind you, he might not be speaking to his children. He may not even understand what their career path involves (what exactly is IT?) And, yet he brags. A successful kid is a status symbol.

– He peppers his sentences with phrases like, “My former wife” and “When I was married…” In no uncertain terms would he allow anyone to think he was currently married.

– Living in the Past: He talks about the “Good old days” and his past successes, the trips he took, the fabulous restaurants he went to, the cars he drove, how he used to party like it was 1999…

Balboa CAfe502768_n

Good old Boys

How Older Women Flirt

Va, Va, Voom! Some sexy grandmothers subscribe to a more devil-may-care Mae West School of Flirting

 – Push Ups: Take on a new meaning; she shows a lot more cleavage.

 – Let me squeeze you in: She wears tight clothing -which is shorter and more revealing; she shops at H+M, and in the Teen section at Macy’s- if she can.

“I didn’t discover curves; I only uncovered them.” Mae West

– Hello, Sailor: She’s been known to buy drinks for the “Young man (50) at the end of the bar.”

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” Mae West

– Happy Hour starts at 12n Or “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.” Some old dolls sit at the bar, over tip the bartender and scan the room like a semaphore – looking for love. They are open, friendly and will talk to anyone.

Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.” Mae West


Whether you are 20, 40, 60, or 80…Can you spell STD’s?

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