Skip the light fantastic: nightmare first date?

Merry has a dozen Nightmare First Date Stories. Her friends “live” for her dating debacle tales. Not only is she funny, Merry is their canary – dropping down into the dating depths – checking for life and oxygen and avoiding poseurs and playboy/deadbeats.

A few friends say Merry is brave to dip in the Dating Pool at age 55.

Others think she is mildly crazy for meeting a veritable parade of men every month.

Last week, she met Dancing Fred online. He bragged about his dancing prowess and his modicum of fame – he appeared on TV – and he a had a large fan club.

Merry loves to dance and was intrigued. Finally, a man who could dance, liked to dance and was single. She bit – hook line and sinker.

After a flirty phone call, attracted to his strong, silent type, persona, she agreed to meet him Saturday night at a dance club downtown San Francisco.

She carefully picked out an ensemble: a perfect dance skirt, a flattering first date blouse (alluring – but, not too sexy) and her worn and comfortable Jimmy Choo shoes. She arrived at the SOMA  address – a huge brick building –a long line snaked around the building. She assumed there was another event at the site – many people were dressed in bizarre and crazy costumes.

Entertained and Confused by the swarms of lively people

She texted Dancing Fred, and, voila, he appeared at her elbow. He was shorter than she expected; what got her attention was his outfit: green plaid pants, a puffy, orange pirate shirt, several colorful strands of Mardi Gras necklaces and Day-Glo pink Converse hi-tops. He wore a black top hat. Strange.

He asked her if she had heard of the KOFY Dance Party  No, she had not. He led her to the front of the line of the people dressed for Halloween – a dozen people greeted and were high-fiving Fred. Popular guy.

The nativesin the long line  were getting restless and chanting, “Open the doors!”

In no time, the doors open and the masses flooded into a huge space – disco music blaring and everyone started dancing, bright lights flashing. It was a real TV studio. There were real TV cameras trained on all the dancers.

Merry didn’t want to be on TV – nor was she comfortable by the unusual people gyrating and bumping around her. Dancing Fred didn’t really need a partner; he was doing the Frug, the Twist, and the Jerk like nobody’s business. It was freaky.                             Many dancer’s costumes were kooky and outré. Within minutes, Merry was looking for an exit.

Fred was doing the Bug-a-loo with a man in a pink wig  dressed in a poodle skirt and a bikini top.

Hat is a deal breaker


She escaped crazy town – texted Fred a quick excuse and disappeared. Bam! Been there- done that!

Her friends laughed at the funny story. They thought it was hysterical. Merry, on the other hand, decided to be a lot more circumspect before she jumped into a first date in the future.


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