They lived happily ever after…finally

Colleen will tell you she had a ball her first three years being newly single – jumping head first into the online dating pool.

First, she met Johnny on She met Fred on JDate, Michael on Match and then Bert and Rick and Paul and Henry on other sites.

Her married friends were enthralled with her stories. She had “dates” three nights a week- her dance card was a very full- and her stories were very funny and entertaining.       Colleen says she had been so depressed for so long she forgot how to have fun.  Her big celebratory party after the divorce was “The Beginning” of a new a chapter and a new life.

After college, she was a waitress, then a flight attendant.  She transitioned into sales and became the director.  She met Mr. Right, married, and had kids. She had numerous part-time jobs and after years of “struggles” (code: for lousy marriage) she finally had the courage to divorce her husband.

Her best friend, Lilly, the clever copywriter, helped her with her online profiles. She took flattering pictures and got her up and running in online dating world all in one weekend.

By Monday morning, Colleens’ email box was full of winks and blinks from interested men. Lilly had warned her it would be a feeding frenzy in the beginning, as she would be considered “fresh meat.”

Colleen reveled in the attention she was getting. Her first year of being Suddenly Single was entertaining and exhilarating. Year Two slowed down – her standards were higher and she met “the nicest guy in the world.” They dated, exclusively, for three years before they started living together. A year later, they were married.

That was five years ago. All is well in their world.

There are happily after ever stories …


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