Hot Movies: Are you a Burning man or a Simmering woman?


At the movies …It’s a “girl” thing.

Why Binge alone?

They have been called Chick flicks and Rom Coms, and now is the best time of the year to Click on Netflix and have a Movie Party.

While men get fired up and line up to see the highly touted films like Revenant    women are in other movie lines. Many ladies n love romance, escape, happy endings… And so, we flock to Beauty and The Beast.


Top Ten Best Romantic Comedy Lists change like fashions and the seasons. In addition, everyone has an opinion. However, if you are scouring Amazon Prime  or quaking in a queue at Netflix, here are my Top Ten Classic Romantic Comedies, guaranteed to make you laugh, smile, sigh, maybe cry, and dream.

1. Four Weddings and a Funeral – The movie where many of us first fell in love with Hugh Grant and huge hats at weddings.

2. Always Be My Maybe – Netflix June 2019- Ali Wong and Randall Park – A must see! San Franciscans will notice every “flim flaw” when it is supposed to be in SF and obviously is in LA…but the story is darling and very funny.

3. Serendipity – John Cusak and Kate Beckinsale meet fatefully at Christmas, go their separate ways and, years later, fate blissfully reconnects the two sweethearts.

4. Sleepless in Seattle – Nora Ephron’s film with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan based on just about everyone’s most favorite film, “An Affair to Remember”.

5. Love, Actually– Real holiday magic with a galaxy of stars at Christmastime in jolly old England.

6. Pretty In Pink – Classic: James Spader and Molly Ringwald are sew very wonderful, on so many levels.

7. An Affair to Remember – Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant – the 1957 all time Classic Romance film.

8. Something’s Gotta Give- Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson – a new twist on a coming of age story.

9. Return to Me – Minnie Driver and David Duchovny with the very sweet theme: you got have heart.

10. The Proposal –  Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds – you can see Russia and hilarious romance in this very funny film staged in Alaska. Betty White steals scenes in the film.

I’ll buy the first drink; Tell me your Top Ten Favorite Films of All Time.

The first 10 single women and 10 single men to respond will be invited to The Larkin Film Soiree, in May at a location to be annouced via your exclusive invitation.

Send your Top Ten to

I’ll bring the popcorn!

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