Semantics: She is a Cougar and He is a Dirty Old Man

Beware the cagey cougars and the Dirty Old Men

Suddenly Single in Marin

san-francisco-733508_240I went to a double feature last night.

I joined friends at a well-known, colorful, bar called the Golden Drachma. Its nickname is “the Drama.” I was forewarned we might encounter a rougher element: bikers, guys covered in tattoos, and hard-core boozers. We were amused to find mostly typical run-of-the-Mill Valley bar hoppers.

Ladies and Gentlemen? Oh. Sorry, wrong crowd – none here…drinx

Over in the right corner of the bar, an inebriated, real-life cougar (60 plus year old woman) struck up a conversation, mainly using body language, with a 20-something kid with a baseball cap askew. She draped herself over the man-boy, massaging his legs while he watched. Mrs. Robinson was on a mission and the lad was up for the event. Real drama at the Drama…The floorshow garnered much attention.

And in the second corner: an aging, overweight, Don Juan: gold Rolex flashing, multiple gold chains clad…

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