Top 10 Myths about the BoomBoom Generation

Busted: Top 10 Myths about the BoomBoom Generation

We are the BoomBoom Generation. Born in the 1950’s and now discovering there is way too much hubbub and hullabaloo about Who we are and What we do. Some call it “mythical” and others call it “mystical.” There is a whole lot of myth/understanding..

Are you a member of the BoomBoom Generation?

Perhaps you Blink or are at your Tipping  Point, well, then you will appreciate:

The Top 10 Urban Legends about the BoomBoom Generation~ Here is what they are saying about us:

  1. We’re  all rich
  2. We’re all retiring
  3. We’re hot – never healthier – never better
  4. We’re building second homes
  5. We’re writing our memoirs
  6. The kids are gone – the nest is empty – It’s party time
  7. We all play golf, tennis, and do yoga – okay, some do pilates
  8. We are on cruises – all the time
  9. Life has never been better- we Twitter, Yelp, Poke on Facebook, are Linkedin,
  10. We have more time, energy, drive, and money, than is legal.

Growing up was fun to do…the BoomBoom Generation.

Tomorrow – The Music of the Boom Boom Generation – we are defined by the music we listened to

We are the BoomBoom Generation– Born in the 1950’s. We are easily defined by the music we listened to – Beach Boys, Beatles, Dylan, Donovan, Doors, Stones Who, Jimmy H, James Taylor and Carol King, the Dead, Pete Seeger, Pink Floyd and Peter Paul and Mary, KISS…

We lived through the Summer of Love and wore flowers in our hair and puka shells around our necks, AuH2o and LSD, there were string theories and string bikinis. Long hair, The Pill, the Kennedy and King assassinations, we had Watergate, Kent State, Nixon – too late- miniskirts, macramé, mood rings and Annie Green Springs wine.

A tiny fraction of us attended Woodstock

Stoically, we watched Huntley and Brinkley on the news each night with an intense and avid interest in Viet Nam and the safety our brothers, uncles, and friends fighting there. A great indignation welled up  and sobered us up…Haight Hippies. We attended  Peace marches in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco State, Santa Cruz  and all over Berkeley…

We are the BoomBoom Generation


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