Movies: Are you a Burning man or a Simmering woman?

You ought to be in Pictures~~~~

Suddenly Single in Marin


At the movies …It’s a “girl” thing.

Why Binge alone? They have been called chick flicks and romantic comedies, and this month is the best time of the year to Click on Netflix and have a Movie Party.

While men get fired up and line up to see the highly touted films like Revenant  hours,  women are in other movie lines. Many Women love romance, escape, happy endings And so we flock to Beauty and The Beast.

zaobpee_vv4-laura-ockel-2Top Ten Best Romantic Comedy Lists change like fashions and the seasons. In addition, everyone has an opinion. However, if you are scouring Amazon Prime  or quaking in a queue at Netflix, here are my Top Ten Classic Romantic Comedies, guaranteed to make you laugh, smile, sigh, maybe cry, and dream.

1. Four Weddings and a Funeral – The movie where many of us first fell in love with Hugh Grant and huge hats at weddings.

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