Kiss me, I’m Irish: A San Francisco tradition

Kiss Me! I’m Irish

Suddenly Single in Marin

image0Kiss me, I’m Irish – if just for today…

March 17th: The famous Irish bars on Geary Boulevard and Clement Street promise to the packed, SRO, loud and festive. However, the real mecca for Irish dancing, Irish beer and blarney is Molloys famous Irish pub in Colma.  Sure now, the wanna be Irish will weave in and out of the bars on Geary Boulevard. The real true green, hard-core, passionate, Irish will go the distance – travel south- and be throwing a few back at Molloy’s.

All over the City – Chinatown, Japantown and North Beach – there will be the wearin’ of green… Some green with envy – some green for a day. One day a year, everyone wants to be Irish.

Corned Beef on Wry

The Irish are famous for wit, storytelling, prose and poetry. Surely you’ve heard about the pivotal bestseller entitled How the Irish Saved…

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