To Buy or Not To Buy Christmas, gifts for your new sweetheart?

To Gift or Not to Gift…that is the query~~

Suddenly Single in Marin

Gifted or Gifting?

Hey, girlfriend: Are you gifted or gifting?

New at the dating game?

Here’s the deal: There are two very diverse schools of thought on “Christmas Gifting While Dating”.

The leading school of thought believes that research, analysis, and careful planning are a necessity. In addition to making a list and checking it twice, one must do the whole who was naughty versus nice analysis.

Thus begins the titanic burden called

Romantic Involvement Christmas Handling (RICH).

The second, far more appealing philosophy is that anything, beautifully wrapped and involving chocolate, is the perfect present for one and all. No fuss, no muss, and never any of that nasty re-gifting involved.

candles-492171__180The most blasé and generic gifts one can buy are: candles, socks, flashlight and pens. By all means, avoid the Oh-no-O-Henry, Gift of the Magi debacle. Note: Combs and Watch Fobs are guaranteed to displease.

Patsy S…

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