Are you Internet dating and skating – on thin ice? Cool

Internet dating is just like ice-skating.

Most of the people there have never done it before, but they try it because it looks fun and everyone is doing it.When you get on the ice, and on line, you are curious and excited and a parade of happy faces dance before your eyes. And they match you!

Every day dozens of potential heart throbs glide by your pictures and profile. You do the same, everyone is skating by one another, albeit often skating in opposite directions. Men in one circle. Women in another. Both sexes go to great lengths to wave from across the crowded ice rink, or web page, and then virtually disappear.

There is a whole lot of winking, double takes and free skating.                 

But, baby, it’s cold out there. You both get and give the cold shoulder.    Occasionally, you tire of the rapid pace and you stop to catch your breath. You may bump into someone and send the perfunctory few e-mails.    Then, the next wave of winks, nods, and e-mails are in your mailbox and you have a handful of new “friends”.                    

Exhilarated by the sport, ice skating/ dating you continue to go in circles and slowly realize this is might be one big single’s skate marathon.

Now and then, you meet—hook up—to compare notes and one or two things happens. Either you learn not only are their blades not too sharp, nor their wit, and the photo they submitted is ancient. Antediluvian. They have not been in 40 for 10 years. It makes you think of the first line in Kafka’s book, “The Trial”.

Or, the best thing develops: with an open mind and an open heart – you meet a kindred soul.       Hey, it happens.  Gazillions (pseudo scientific term) of people meet on line every day.

Hope burns eternal. Ice melts. Get out there and give it a spin.

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