Off the Marry Go Round? Avoid the Teetter Totter…

Once you get off the Marry-Go-Round…Do you go right to The Swings?

Becoming Suddenly Single – you may be thrilled to be back in the Dating Game, again.

There may have been a slight lay-over on the Teeter Totter…then you get your equilibrium and get back on a course…it takes a bit of time, courage, tenacity and luck!

Once, my very  favorite things to do  at a playground was the swings.

I loved to go as high as possible. I liked to go fast. It was like flying. There was freedom, excitement and control. That was then,

Now, I prefer the Slide…and sliding into home base ~ with the right person.

Everyone is looking for a Homerun, right? 

You’re up.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, Suddenly Single people relied upon friends  to introduce them to other like-minded single individuals.

Calvin Trillin, the highly acclaimed humorist and prolific writer, talks about “being introduced”  in his wonderful book,   “About Alice.” The book is a true valentine to his wife, Alice. It is  a very sweet, romantic, witty and wry book.
Trillin writes about meeting his wife at a party, being introduced by friends and their rapid romance and ensuing long marriage.

If you are like me – you have a ton of married friends- from every aspect of your busy life. And,  they may have tried to “fix you up.”

Everyone has a Blind Date Story.

Just like the movie: The Good, Bad and the Ugly.

“I’ve been on so may blind dates, I should get the dog for free…”

How about you?

Whats your story? Tell me:

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