Dating 101: To tell the truth? Age, weight, height and income, really?

Slow down! Age, Weight and Height…really?

Suddenly Single in Marin


Lindsey was livid.

No one told her she would have to reveal her height, weight, age, and income to total strangers. Men Strangers – from all over the United States.

She just wanted to meet a guy in San Francisco- preferably within a 10-mile radius.

Hearing about all the fun her single friends were having on Plenty of Fish and Match and OurTime she decided to “Go for it.”

The Fine Print

Right out of the box, she had to fill out a questionnaire and write mini-essays. Not a problem – she was a writer and banged out clever and pithy answers. He better like pithy, she thought…

She had been a Jack Benny “39” for so long – she forgot (kind of) her real age. And, she was supposed to reveal her income? What kind of dating service was this?

She claimed even her closest friends didn’t know those…

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