Speed Dating – the brakes vs the breaks

Speed dating 101 – too much, too soon, too fast

Putting the Brakes on Speed Dating

There was a Speed Dating event at the nearby Unitarian church. The irony was not lost on me. Things moved way too fast; the so-called ‘Happy Hour’ lasted 15 minutes. That should have been my first clue. The two identical-blonde facilitators, Leah and Lisa, in little black dresses and too much lip-gloss, were very upbeat, well rehearsed and acted like cruise directors.

The rules were so reminiscent of grammar school, I almost bailed. Boys on one side, girls on the other. After the divide and conquer directives, the two cruise directors launched into a lively pep talk-sales pitch. They quipped about what happened at the event the night before and their astounding romance success rate. Blonde A. rattled off staggering statistics about couples meeting in this rapid romance forum. Her mantra seemed to be “Do the math”.

So, I did. Furtively, I looked around the room and noticed everybody was doing the same. Yep, we could do the math; there were 24 men and 30 women. Any bookie would tell you, those were not good odds. On the boy’s side of the room there were 10 guys around 40 and the other half who lived in the neighborhood of 50-something.

Hurry Up and waitaminute…

Blonde B. referred to an over-sized foam board with covered with brightly colored stick figures. Deftly, she moved the stick figures to and fro resembling a shell game. She summarized the chart, a la Vanna White, revealing that the more single people you meet, the more you will date and the quicker you will live happily ever after. C’est fini.

A bell rang and, we were off to the races.

The Secret to Happiness? Low Expectations

The evening ended as fast as it started. On the Merry Go Round of Men, I met Chas, a veteran of fast flirting. He said he meets more appealing women playing “Grown-up Musical Chairs” than anywhere else. Laconic and easy-going, Chas said once a month he ponies up the $40.00 and plays. When asked if the allotted seven minutes was enough time to tell if person sitting across from you was a “match”, he laughed heartily. As he moved to the next chair, he gave me his card and said he was not looking for his twin.     (He has a two PhD’s in Engineering) He just wanted someone to go to movies,  and museums with, and hike, play and maybe, try kayaking. Nothing more, nothing less.

Sounded like the perfect foundation for a friendship and more. NOTE: Always good to have a business card to exchange…

All Aboard! Give Speed Dating a Whirl

The San Francisco Speed Dating Merry Go Round is fun, dynamic, frustrating and totally like a Clint Eastwood movie: Good, Bad, and Uncanny. You will meet a large number of new people in a short amount of time. Go with a light heart, a sense of humor, do the math, and and you will be highly entertained. Next.

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