Worst Online Dating Pic?

What Not To Do:

Suddenly Single in Marin


A quick look onMatch.com  and here are five examples of “What not to do” when selecting photographs for your online dating profile.

Can you tell what is wrong in each picture?

Harry Harley is “selling” his bike, first. Then he hides behind sunglasses, leathers and a scarf. Just post a headshot. That’s all.

18485640_10209047931737448_851898492215580411_n-2Captain Ken of Indiana got too clever and doctored up his photo with Fido. In addition, he posted his full name – which is never a good idea. Sure, you want to show off and indicate you have a best friend and a boat. Take it down a notch, Captain.

10527513_1305622666121826_1823823866773045064_n-2Connor Call Me appears to be desperate. Call me? That is not the way  game is played – unless you want Nancy from Nigeria and Rhita from Russia to call you. Onlne Dating Scammers are on the look-out for trusting and ignorant shills who post too much information. Slow down, you should have…

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