Dating 2018 – too much, too soon, too fast?

“Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen…”

There is much banter and ballyhoo about the challenges of modern dating.

Some say that Dating 2018 is too much, too soon, too fast. Profiles on dating sights like Match, Tinder, Bumble are said to be more revealing than a see-though blouse. Some claim to prefer a more dignified and seductive pace with more mystery involved.             Is the solution: Go Retro? Sock hops, blind dates, spin the bottle?

Group of Multiethnic Diverse Cheerful People

…What  about the once popular Blind Date? Could blind dates be a to new way-to-go? Could the awkward, yet, mysterious blind date make a comeback?  

Overheard recently at Café Rigolo in Laurel Village: “I’ve been on so many blind dates, I should get the guide dog for free”.  But, that’s only one point of view.

There are myriad companies trying to attract the millions of singles looking for love on line. If you are ready to toy with someone’s affections – there is a toy on the market guaranteed to make you laugh. It’s full off razzle, dazzle and wonder.   You’ll wonder: why?

It’s the Electronic Spin the Bottle. Yes, the tedious spinning of that cumbersome empty Cabernet Sauvignon bottle has now been alleviated. For a mere $9.99 you can buy a spinning, lighted, electric, bottle. It gives a whole new meaning to get on the buss.

Hands down, the best way to belly up to the dating trough is with humor and a sense of joie de vire. Seriously. Have fun.

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