Dating 101: Don’t ask height or weight


Hot Tip for  Swinging Singles

In the beginning…

Listen up: Dating Newbies. Sure, you are excited- you have signed up on a dating website and people like you – they really like you. Take a breath. Slow down a little bit.  Tennis Tom in Tiburon may be hot to trot and Freddie in Fairfax may be proposing an afternoon at the Hot Springs. Buckeye101 may want to wine you and dine you – sight unseen- prior to even speaking on the phone.


Slow Down: Remember, online dating is not a sprint. It is a walk, a stroll, and exploratory. Due diligence is required before the first date – as impetuous as you want to be.  Exchange emails, ask questions, speak on the phone for a long time. Converse and exchange information.

Texting is for sissies.

Meeting for the first time is supposed to be fun, enjoyable, and a potential opportunity to click with a kindred spirit. Play nice. No coy guessing games. No flirting with the hottie at the next table. Bad form – and if your date does it – walk out – time is too precious and that Red Flag is huge.

Discreet: Just because you both signed up for the same dating site doesn’t mean – at first blush – you must divulge your income, IQ, blood type, or divorce settlement. Yes, it is expected that you both be up front and honest.

Weight, Weight: Don’t tell me:
AKA Wait a minute: Weight and other touchy subjects

  • Even the best of friends don’t ask, “So what are you tipping the scales at now, Tiny?”  We don’t do it.
  •  Why would you ask a heavy-handed question like that on a date? You do the math: they are a S, M, L, or XL.
  •  There’s no way a guy who’s 6’5 can hide that fact.
  • And, Sugar, there’s no way a guy 5’ 6 can pass for 5’10 -so don’t even try.

Your new Mantra: Avoid Bad Dates – life is too short.


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