Single Payer Dates: a new healthy plan

pexels-photo-226722.jpeg  2018 and belt buckles are being tightened.

And boy, are those belts snug.

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution to spend less, cutback on the frivolous and adhere to a budget? Join the club. What’s the first thing to go under the knife? Online dating companies are feeling the pinch and the cuts. As singles buckle down and tighten their collective belts, they are looking for love in all the cheap places. Free online dating sites like Craigslist and OkCupid are thriving.

If you’ve lost your job or have been down-and-outsized, how does your social life survive on a budget? Usually, the first things to go are the extraneous expenses: shoe shines, haircuts, movies, manicures, movies and massages. As you scan your credit card bill, that glaring online dating site charge stares you down. Bring out the hatchet? Word on the street is that people are abandoning online dating sites and saving $30-$60 each month. You do the math. The free sites really are more popular than ever and people are getting more creative.

It’s high time to get out of high water

George, the bon vivant, got into real high water when he blissfully frequented pricey SF restaurants: Quince, Spruce, Waterbar, and Saison.When his job got downsized, his wallet flattened. He decided to change his monetary modus operandi. An innovative guy, he has taken the New Year to a whole new level. His goal is to find 20 Marin restaurants where dinner is $10- $15 (beverages extra) With tons of restaurants – in San Rafael alone –  he has myriad choices,  and his work is  cut out for him.

Ronnie, aka Prince Dates a Lot, wrote that he is now on a severe dating budget. He cancelled his account at and stopped dabbling in “themed dating and dining groups.”  Disenchanted, he calls them Table For Too Much and It’s a Whole Lot More than a Free Lunch. Ronnie is spearheading a potluck dinner movement in his apartment complex called, Dinner for Eight at Six.  He also cut the cord with Cable-TV. Good-bye HBO, Showtime and Bravo. Hello PBS. His sole source for movies is the public library and he’s big on free 30 days on It could be worse.

Money can’t buy you love

For some, the heydays of dining at Le Garage, Aqua, D’Angelos and Buckeye are on hold. Seeking out intimate and inexpensive cafes is now more cost efffective and alluring. The concept of Dutch Treat and Single Payer Dates takes a little getting used to for some. Ben Franklin was right on about the penny saved concept. The art is not making money, but keeping it for a rainy day. Get your umbrella ready.

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