We called them Dirty Old Men

In college, we called those older guys in bars Dirty old Men.

We used the same term, when working in San Francisco in the Financial District. We were on the look out for boys our ages and frequently, older men would come on to us. Yuck. One of our friends, Lindy, called the old codgers (30 and older) Free Drinks – as in, “Look, here comes Free Drinks.” As a rule, we avoided DOM’s

When Happy Hour is Two Drinks for the Price of One – we concluded you don’t need free – drinks from those old guys – our dad’s ages.  Many of the old guys at Happy Hour were having a couple of martinis or tumblers of Scotch and were out the door to catch BART. Some were on the prey.

Recently, at the infamous dive bar, the  Silver Peso in Larkspur I watched a dyed hair, comb-over, man about 65 , with the gold chains and open-shirt, seated across from a much younger woman. She could have been his daughter. Daddy Big Bucks had a $100 bill in his hand that he was displaying. He was nursing a beer, she was sipping Cosmopolitans. I don’t know what he was selling…but, she was buying. The C-note got the girl’s attention. Betty, the bee-hive-hair-do cocktail waitress was in on it and delivering fresh drinks.

And in the other corner was an inebriated woman in her 50’s – if a day- all over a kid in his 20’s, like a cheap suit. He was entertained – as were most of the people gawking at somebody’s mother being a Cougar.


It is a zoo out there…remember:

It’s better to hang out with people better than you. Pick out associates whose behavior is better than yours and you’ll drift in that direction.

Warren Buffett



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