Top10 Places to Meet Women in Marin

Top 10 Hot Spots

Suddenly Single in Marin

Where do you go to meet women in Marin County? Everywhere…

Demographics~ darling. It’s all about demographics.

Take a look:  there are more single women, per capita, than single men…

Here are The Top 10 Places to Meet Women in Marin…

1. Film Festivals – There are more film festivals per capita in Marin than any other county in California- and just being there is a natural way to encounter a kindred spirit. The  Mill Valley Film Festival is, by far, the best. Mark your calendar.  In addition to the best films, great parties, easy access, you’ll find happy people everywhere.

Suggestion: nonchalantly comment on a genre, director, star, the long line or paucity of tickets. It all starts with a question… “Do you know? Fill in the blank and start a conversation. Lights, camera, action.

2. Trader Joe’s – especially on Sunday from 7 PM to 9 PM (and…

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