New Year’s Fun Resolutions: date more laugh often

Put Romantic Resolutions

on your romance radar this year

Recycle – Save More- Laugh More- Find Fun

You can’t swing a cat without hitting …a list of suggestions for dull New Year’s Resolutions. Why not kick start romance and relationships goals? See here:

Recycle -Your friends. Introduce your friends to one another. Invite 5 to 10 single friends, (colleagues, contacts, acquaintances) to a café  (pub, park, picnic,) for a casual get-together. No expectations except to meet new people. Encourage each single person to bring another. Aim for 50/50 – men and women.

Eat Better – Dine around with friends.
Tuck in and share a meal with friends. (See above) Start a monthly “Dine Around Cuisine Club.”  Choose a new neighborhood, new cuisine, or style. Try Fondue, French or Fusion. One famous SF Group, The Food Sluts, dine around and suggest  going  from PJ’s Oyster Bed, to a dining bed at
San Francisco’s Supper club where soup to nuts are served to you- while in a supine position-in bed.

Save More – Time for Fun. Each week, put away one day (or night) to play, go someplace totally new, push the envelope and be open. Seek Out another partner in crime and scour this column for ideas as well as the Pink Section, and Johnny Fun Cheap, Pacific Sun…

chamoageeeLearn Something New– It’s a New Year and time to fill in those little white squares on your calendar.

Accomplish one small thing in 2018 (see One Small Step Can Change Your Life by Robert Maurer PhD)    Gotta dance? Learn Zydeco or Waltz: take Dance Lessons; join a running, walking, hiking, stamp collecting group. Happy New Year

Learn a Romance language, sweetie. Improve your Body Language.

Get Out – Push away from all the Screens(televisions, computers, remote controls, Blackberries, Ipads) Go outside and visit: a park, North Beach or South Beach, explore The City, try a new café, museum, or a gallery. Rent a bike and glide over the Golden Gate Bridge to Marin County – take the ferry back. Book tickets for Giants Spring Training.

Now is the time for all good boys and girls to come to the aid of fun. Make it your goal to have lots more fun in 2018

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