Mill Valley Triple Play Date?

Dear Reader: Great Dates happen all the time – it takes a little Chemistry, luck, and effort.

Check this out:


Dear Page
I’ve had so many blind dates- I should get the dog for free.
Today I had the best blind date in the history of… of …well, me!
After a flurry of emails, texting, and phone calls – and that superficial ‘friend’ ship on Facebook – we agreed to meet.  Happily, we both live within walking distance of downtown Mill Valley.  We agreed to meet at the Depot Bookstore in the Historical Fiction Section. No, he was not wearing a carnation-however, his broad smile was a giveaway.
We walked across the street to fabulous Equator, Marin’s best Coffee shop, to get a superb frozen latte and chat for a while. Click!
From there we walked a few short blocks to my very favorite building~ the Mill Valley Library… (Slight detour at the ravishingly beautiful Redwood park)

After exploring the library we continued walking up hills and dales for a couple of hours. Famished – we had a wonderful meal at my favorite restaurant La Ginestra…amazing menu – great wine – super service.
He agreed to join me at Book Passages in Corte Madera for ‘Poetry Night’ organized by the Marin Poetry Center’s Traveling Show.
We arrived as famed Marin Performance Poet, Charselle, was being introduced. We were totally mesmerized and very entertained.  Charselle is the consummate performer – poet, writer – she had the audience in the palm  of her hand. We both laughed at the same jokes. Good sign.

Time waits for no one: And then this Cinderella had to catch the next pumpkin back to reality…but not before realizing what a magical day I had shared.
Hmmm, Prince Charming might exist after all.
Love, Buffy ( aka Janice

Dear Janice,  Congrats on putting it our there online and air- kissing a few frogs before this terrific guy came along. Don’t over-think it.

Merry Christmas, Page



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