Hey! Have yourself a sexy little Christmas

Recipe for Romance?

Suddenly Single in Marin

 Your Recipe for Romance

If things are a little Frosty and you want ‘Joy to the World’ ~ not  another Silent Night…

Oh, come on, all ye faithful and take note: here is the Christmas Recipe for romance for a party for two – no reservations.

The Romance Recipe must haves:

1. Candlelight – nothing says ambiance like votive candles flickering on table tops and throughout

2. Bubbles -Choose  Champagne or Proseca or Martinelli’s Sparkling cider or Perrier…

3. Music – Go Classic: Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Andrea Bocelli…Try Spotify….Need A Top 20 List?

4. Ambiance – Oh, Christmas tree? A $10 wreath from Trader Joe’s placed inside your home adds fragrance and instant atmosphere.

Three Easy Steps

1.) Shop

2.) Decorate and

3.) Prep the merry meal.


Today’s grocery stores are so one-stop shopping. At Mollie Stones you can buy the meal, the wine, the flowers…

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