Dating at 50: Scam of the week

Buyer beware on

Each week, readers send in their most outrageous online dating scams. Some are good, some are really bad and some are ugly.

The Scam of the Week:
What is Truth?

He lives in San Francisco, went to Cal, and has that second home in Monte Carlo. He is 6’2, has silver hair and says he is an entrepreneur; he works out 1-2 times a week and brags he makes $150,000 a year. He is picture perfect – his handsome photo is as though it is out of a catalog – wait – it is from a catalog!

Without any editing from this end – Catalog Man writes: “I am a SF Bay area native, graduated Berkeley, although I have lived in New York, while working there I can safely say to you, I am reliable, punctual, humorous, evolved and I do not misrepresent anything about myself. Mymodesty, please!”

Given the grammar and sentence structure, it is safe to say he didn’t study English at Berkeley. And what pastimes and hobbies does the debonair entrepreneur enjoy? “Baseball, chest and usually watching Movies and frequenting restaurants and playing tennis…I trade Stocks/Bonds and aware of most events in the world”

You have to like a guy who frequents restaurants and ‘watches movies’ and plays “chest.” And, he is ‘aware of most events in the world’. That’s hot. No, you can’t make this up – but he did, and it makes for an entertaining read. Caveat Emptor, kiddies,


When it comes to describing his faith, Catalog Man waxes purely nonsensical as he writes,” I am not Atheist nor Agnostic. The natural world is amazing. Yet it’s hard for me to believe that the viewable universe and dimension we live was formed just by Noble gases and Complex Carbon compounds…So I believe in a “living” Higher Power or God.”

And the piece d résistance, Mr. Scam I Am writes, “I am very picky in my associations with people and women. Not perfect by any means, but considerate of others as to myself…”  This profile is as holy as a Belgian lace hankie.

Buyer always beware. Whether it is the sweet, young, kindergarten teacher from Ohio who winks at you or the dashing Catalog Model from San Francisco who loathes “snapshots” and winks every day for a week: Exercise caution.

Only you can prevent the scam attack. For every scam, there are hundreds of fine, well meaning, sincere singles waiting to meet you. Have fun.

Be careful out there.


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