Flirting – 3 times a day? Double dare you

photo_1186_20060227Flirting is the gentle art of making two people happy

with a wink,  a smile, a nod or a kiss…

Spring is in the air – get your FLIRT on

George Kisses a lot…he buys bags of Hershey kisses and says he drops one or two off on tables of  ‘ interesting  women’ at the library, Peet’s or cafes when he is strolling through. George is famous  (and very popular)  for giving away free kisses and smiles.

Parking Karma Katie always has a pocket of quarters and when she sees the army of parking meter mavens in attack mode, she kindly puts a couple of quarters in each expired meter. Sweet!

Before breakfast, my pal Jack  always buys two San Francisco Chronicles. He reads one and offers a second copy to an attractive single woman in one of the three cafés he frequents each week. He’s famous for this.

Coffee, tea or me? After a month, three times a week,  of handing a double latte, to her favorite customer, Karyn M .wrote her phone number on the sleeve of his coffee cup. They have been dating ever since. Cheers.

Michael M. in CorteMadera is famous for the “I thought you two were sisters” comment to the mothers of the women he dates. Believe it or not, mothers-of an age- loves this.

Eye Contact Peggy in Petaluma  writes that she looks at man, catches his eye and turns away. She looks back and smiles. She says it works every time. Eye contact is an icebreaker and a romantic catalyst.

Edward, the dapper  SanFrancisco  crossing guard on Geary Boulevard, tells most every woman he sees she looks “lovely this morning, ma’am.” Women actually cross the street just to talk to Edward.

Kelly, the flirting waiter at Peet’s in Mill Valley,  greets and kids around with every female customer who comes in. He is always ready with a compliment and a smile. Needless to say, he’s a very popular guy.

Valerie, the tall redhead at the checkout clerk at the Strawberry Safeway, a polyglot, greets customers in their respective homeland lingo. People love this and make a beeline to her line. To say she is admired – only begins to describe her life.

      A Love Story at 80

Most mornings you can see Henry and Barbara, holding hands, walking up and down Main Street.  He wears a Cal baseball cap and she wears a red Stanford hat. The two octogenarians talk and laugh and Henry frequently picks up newspapers and tosses them up to neighbor’s front doors. The two exude an affection and attraction that most aspire to.

Some think it’s good luck to see this darling, devoted couple.

All women are flirts, but some are restrained by shyness, and others by sense.


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