Speechless? Can’t think of what to say on a date?

Er, uh, hmmm….

Suddenly Single in Marin

Spelling Game tiles spell out Help MeFeeling Tongue Tied and Shy?

First Dates

Let’s say, you haven’t been on a First Date – since college. Or 10 years ago… and you really want to ‘Break the ice’ get and a conversation started.

What do you say after “Hello?”

Psychology Today has “36 Questions” to ask to get the Dating Conversation ball rolling.

Here are my Top 20 Conversation Starters

The Top 20 Questions to Break the Ice

1. Tell me about your best friend.

2. Tell me about your very worst job.

3. What was your very first car?
4. What was your very best job?
5. Tell me about your family and where you grew up.

6. Tell me about your very favorite relative.

7. Tell me the Top Five places you’ve worked

8. Who is your all-time favorite female movie star?

9. What passions / hobbies do you spend money on?
10. What’s you very favorite song?

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