She thought she was glorious

Helen started wearing  glasses in second grade. In fifth grade, she had to get braces- on her teeth for four years. She whined her hair was the color of dishwater. In high school, her complextion took a turn for the worse and she battled acne.

By the time she was ready for college, she could not wait to escape her tiny town and start a new life- far away. Her grades were stellar, her SAT was almost perfect; she scored big time with a passel of generous scholarships.

At first she thought Michigan, no Duke, then decided Stanford would be perfect. When Harvard sought her out, she was seduced and decided to go Crimson.

The summer before college, she returned to the summer camp she had first attended as a girl and later became a counselor. That summer, Trixie Travis from  Southern California  was the Pottery Counselor. She had long blond hair, really cute clothes and a bushel of make up and hair products. And, she loved to share.

Who know if Trixie was planning a pygmalion- but every other day,  Helen had a makeover du jour. Frequently,  the two senior counselors claimed they need something from town: chalk, balloons, art supplies. They ran a token errand and made a b-line to the Hair and Cosmetic area of the mega store.

Helen opened her wallet, and Trixie showed her how to spend money on more cosmetics, hair color, product and “cute clothes.” By the end of the summer, people looked twce – no one really recognized Helen. She went from vapid to va-va-voom!


Helen’s best buddy, Andy, told her she looked glorious. It was then and there she decided to change her name.  Goodbye to Helen and hello to G L O R I A.


Daily Prompt: Glorious

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