Dating 101: Is he vain and impulsive? Run

Exit Sign

Dear Page Larkin,

I recently met a man online; his photo was taken from afar and was a little grainy. Let’s call him John Miller. Apparently, he is very wealthy, has homes in a number of places. His kids are married and all work for him.

He is much older (70) and bragged loud and often about his accomplishments. I figured he was insecure ( flaccid?)

We met once at a dive bar – he said he had to be “discreet.” It was dark – he called it romantic – I called it creepy. I instantly noticed his

  • Impulsivity,
  • Extreme present focus
  • Levels of narcissism, (every sentence was “a brag”)
  • Lack of trust i(n the waitress, the bartender, me)
  • And, a whole lot of paranoia.

What do you think? Run or Remain?

Wanna B Wed

Dear Wanna B Wed,

I feel I have a “duty to warn” about any dangers he poses because of his psychological make-up. The characteristics you note are enough to get a man impeached, much less tossed off the island. Put on your Nike’s: Run – don’t walk. He is trouble.


Page Larkin

garden party 2017 003Bragging about yourself violates norms of modesty and politeness – and if you were really competent, your work would speak for itself.

Adam Grant


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