Hot New Company: Fat Nannies LLC

Dear Page Larkin,

I’m dating the greatest guy who is very cool on every level. He has one fatal flaw: his job.  He owns his business and is a self-professed “Domestic Placement Specialist.”

Chad’s company is making money hand over fist. He just bought a Cherries-in-the-Snow Red 2008 Jaguar.  He was bored with the Tesla. He has a house in Aptos and Tahoe

Here’s the Deal, my single friends are offended by the name of his company: Fat Nannies.

He hires young women from England and Ireland who are professionally trained and great with kids. In additon to impressive CV’s, his primary (unspoken) employment pre-requisites are  the women should be plump, with bad teeth and big hearts.

My married friends think he is a genius.    Should I tell him what I think?

No Marry Poppins

Dear No Marry Poppins

Did he ask you what you think? It’s really none of your business. Yes, your friends are entitled to their opinions. Put business aside and enjoy “The greatest guy.” Bravo to him for filling a need.

Peace and love,

Page Larkin


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