Please Don’t Feed the Cougars

Check out: Three Distinctive Traits of a Cougar….ow!

Suddenly Single in Marin

A Choreography of Cougars

 Don’t you love the clever names for the groupings of birds and mammals?

  •  A flock of seagulls
  • A pride of lions
  • A glaring of cats
  • A choreography of cougars

Thursday nights at the Rosewood Bar Palo Alto  is infamous for the choreography of Cougars pacing the bar looking for an easy Mark (Tim, John, or Steve.)

Cindi, Lindee, and Mindey all dressed up and somewhere to go Rosewood – The Bar

These three women – dressed to kill, personify Cougars on the prowl. Some Silicon Valley guys just belly up to the bar on Thursdays to have a drink and watch the feline floorshow. The Trio works the room with short-hand menu of carefully choreographed cues.

After a naïve, unsuspecting, Target has graciously offered to buy all three a drink…drinks arrive – sip, sip – wink, wink and Cindi leans in, very close, put her hand on the…

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