A grandmother’s Tales of the City

Sweet Memories of one hot, historical, Grandmother

Suddenly Single in Marin

My great-grandmother arrived from Ireland after the Gold Rush (1848) and in time for the great 1906 Earthquake.

A wee lass of a gal (according to her colorful legendary account) when the earthquake hit-in an Unsinkable Molly Brown wave of bravado- she stood atop a sea of hat boxes that fell from the closet, and rode them like a surfboard.

After the quake, the mere slip of a girl went from room to room  in the boarding house and rescued each of the elderly (in their 20’s and 30’s) borders.

In later years, her tale morphed into an account of her as a Search and Rescue Superstar. And as fate would have it, she was wearing a red jumper with a yellow star when the quake hit- a self-appointed superstar heroine.

The women in the boarding house adored my great-grandmother and lavished thanks and gifts upon her.

For many years…

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