Shoot! Worst First Date

Sydney thought Jack was a charming, smart, sexy guy.

Their first date, the two hours flew by and they were both agreeable and anxious to see one another again.

He asked her what she liked to do – she said, “Surprise me.”

His cousin told him about a “cool shooting range” in Morgan Hill. It sounded like a fun, inexpensive, few-hour, Groupon Date – then they could go to Monterey for the rest of the day.

He half listened to his cousin as he scored the online coupon and spent more time making reservations at the Sardine Factory for an early dinner. Sydney mentioned a love for Key Lime Martinis and Jack knew they served them there. Perfect.

That Saturday, with downloaded directions, coupons in hand, he was pumped that he scored reservations at the busy restaurant. Perfect!

Sydney was excited to see Jack again – he told her he had a day of surprises planned. She was all in.

The arrived at the MonarchShooting/Defense Class – were very excited to see one another and floated into the class – expecting to be entertained and educated. As a rule, Groupon’s are generally tame.

Little did they know…

Their teacher was evidently suffering from some kind of inferiority complex -and went out his way to be rough, tough and macho. He was a “Rules Man” and all the rules were his- thank you, very much.

First on the Agenda was Introductions. Jack and Sydney exchanged smiles. Jack started and the teacher barked at Jack and corrected him. He was curt and abusive. Surely this was an act…Sydney went next – shared the particulars and Mr Bryan was even more perturbed with her. Really? What kind of loser was this guy?

The next ten people were individually verbally abused and embarrassed.

Jack saw how uncomfortable Sydney was and he was astounded by the punk attitude of the grandiose teacher. At the break, Jack said – “Let’s leave and go to Monterey and play.”

They practically skipped to the car – delighted to be free from Mr Monarch Defense. He was all Offensive – not Defensive.

The rest of the day was sublime. The couple enjoyed each other and were slowly falling in love. For the rest of their lives they would have the “Worst First Date Story.”

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