Marin: You didn’t get the Patchouli Oil Memo?


fruits and flowers

Dear Denizens of Marin County (50+)

So, you didn’t get the memo, huh?

Patchouli Oil has gone the way of EST, Earthshoes, the Frug, the Twist, Pet Rocks and Puku Shells.

You sat next to me at the Lark Theater – we moved. I sat down at the Mill Valley Library wondering why so many chairs were empty. Phew! Pew! It was you.

You wafted in and out of  stores in San Rafael…the Sausalito Ferry offered solace and strong winds…and, you were there! And, at the Dipsea, Open Studios – we knew you were near

You put the P-U in Patchouli, darling.

Catch my drift takes on  whole different meaning…

Please, please take your pretty flasks of offensive oils and donate them to the Toxic Recycling Center.

And, the County will be a sweet smelling place, again.



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