Koch Bros in Bed with The Trumpettes?

marx-brot222The Kochs*, had a party and invited close friends:
~~~Richard Mellon Scaife,  heir to the Mellon banking and Gulf Oil fortunes;
~~~Harry and Lynde Bradley, midwesterners enriched by defense contracts;
~~~John M. Olin, a chemical and munitions company titan;
~~~The Coors brewing family of Colorado;
~~~Betsy DeVos and hubby of Michigan, founders of Amway

(In 2012, according to the EPA’s Toxic Release Inventory database, which documents the toxic and carcinogenic output of 8,000 American companies, Koch Industries was the Number One Producer of toxic waste in the United States.

It generated 950 million pounds of hazardous materials that year, alone.)


Big Buddies: Mercer, Bannon, Trump and  Cadell

Multi-Millionaire Mercer:  spends time and Millions for the empowerment of Trump, Bannon and the alt-right, which has included anti-Semitic and white-supremacist voices. 

See New Yorker Article here

The Secret Meeting?

“The White House declined to divulge what Trump and Caddell discussed in North Charleston, as did Caddell.
But that afternoon, Trump issued perhaps the most incendiary statement of his Presidency: a tweet calling the news media “the enemy of the American people.” Really?

The proclamation alarmed liberals and conservatives alike.

William McRaven, the retired Navy admiral who commanded the 2011 raid that killed Osama bin Laden, called Trump’s statement a “threat to democracy.”

The President is infamous  for tweeting impulsively, but in this case his words weren’t spontaneous: they clearly echoed the thinking of Caddell, Bannon, and Mercer.

In 2012, Caddell gave a speech at a conference sponsored by Accuracy in Media, a conservative watchdog group, in which he called the media “the enemy of the American people.”

Coincidence?  That declaration was promoted by Breitbart News, a platform for the pro-Trump alt-right, of which Bannon was the Executive Chairman, before joining the Trumpettes .


BookEnds: KellyA and Bannon:  Mercer was a major supporter of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign for president.

Mercer and his daughter played a role in the elevation of Stephen Bannon and Kellyanne Conway into senior roles in the Trump campaign

Quelle Surprise: One of the main stakeholders in Breitbart News is the angry and  reclusive Robert Mercer.”


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