Online Dating: Big Mistakes?

Sherry is 5″6,  athletic, walks 20 miles a week, lift weights, does  yoga  and is the best shape of her  life. She adores the Giants and likes the 49ers and is not interested in television, NASCAR, or cigars. She knew right away to avoid any  man who wanted to”snuggle in front of the fireplace.” She thought they lacked imagination and verve. She likes verve.

In the beginning, she looked at  every single profile that sent to her on a daily basis. She had standards. She decided early on, she was not

  •   Going to drive 50 miles to meet a guy – any guy.
  • No photo-posted- no time wasted
  • She was not going to date giant over six-foot one
  • The man she dated had to be athletic and outdoorsy like her

On her very first online date, she was nervous and excited.  The first man she met was a lot older than this photograph- by 10 years. She couldn’t believe that he would put an ancient photo online. It was a lie total and buzz kill. She spent 12 minutes being polite and then said, “I’m confused. I didn’t recognize you at first. Your dating picture  vaguely looks like you-10 years ago.” He bumbled and mumbled and she said, “Adios.”

Sherry discovered that man tend to stretch the truth when it comes to their height and weight. (We don’t have scales! Only women have scales.) And, yes, it is true that women also post ancient photos.

Sherry’s mantra is, “I don’t care what you looked like 20 years ago or 20 pounds ago, or before your health catastrophe, send a current photo.”

She was intrigued by Jean-Claude-55-the Marin skier who posted his tall, blond, handsome photo of 30 years earlier. The man sitting across from her at the Buckeye with thinning hair and many pounds only slightly resembled the old photo. Did he think Sherry wouldn’t notice? He was an awkward engineer sweet and nerdy.  His awkward questions indicated this was his first rodeo “Do you like sex? What kind?” Sherry reports she bid him farewell and split.

It took a while-she dated a number of guys a few times before she met Rodney Right. She reports it was worth the trouble and encourages other women try online dating.  However the most important thing she has to say is “Please avoid massive disappointments and post recent, accurate. pictures.”

Have fun out there.

What not to post:

What not to do…







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