Dating 101: Same old story?


Tom tried online dating. Frequently.

At first, he posted his “real” photograph and honestly admitted he was unemployed. He got no attention, whatsoever. He would quit one dating site and try another. Deja vu all over. Not one women wanted to meet him. Bummer.

His  younger, hipper, sister told him to spice up his profile and to embellish his work status to “retired and loving it.”

She advised him to use another photo. She sent him three to choose from:

For the heck of it, he posted the Colin Firth, as Mr Darcy photo – having no idea who the male model might be. He received a boatload of messages from a bevy of beautiful women. He was floored! This dating thing might be alright after all. 

The problem was, the flood of emails came from women all over the world. Women from Russia were very interested in this 40+ year old – retried and loving it man from California.

His sister told him to “like” Tennis and Golf on his profile. He had never played either sport – however, she seemed to be savvy. Another group of very interested, very forward, beautiful, blonde  women from exotic Nigeria sent a number of inquiries.

Tom spent hours responding to this landfall of love.

Then,  Tom noticed a pattern in the letters from from the very hot-to-trot.

The red flags were so big and bizarre; he forwarded  three profiles for ‘Missy Sole Voyager’ ‘Sleepy Girl Love’, and ‘Choose me, Big Boy’ to his sister. The writing  was fractured and strange. It was though a non-English speaking person, took several writing samples and copied and pasted sentences together

“I am a SF Bay area native, graduated Berkeley, although I have lived in New York, while working there I can safely say to you, I am reliable, punctual, humorous, evolved and I do not misrepresent anything about myself. My modesty, please~!”

Ms Bedtime Storry wrote:  Honest always as there is nothing that I can think of it that would it make wrong. I have a very beat off sense of humor and I am quick with wit. I have written humor texts in the past, I can share my work if you need proof (smiley face, again) Please contact and let’s further talk.”

Get In Timate? “I lost everything and even though I have worked on and prepare something special, at this point I am broked and starting all over. I are good. I never really realized my age, I am still quite active sexually and will not leave you alone in the bed during the night or the day an this is truest.

Same old story?  Lucky for Tom, his sister advised him to cease and desist. She told him he was being pursed by true-blue scam artists.

Down came the his fake profile – which attracted all the scamming fake females from the underworld.

Daters beware! 


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