He winked at me – and I liked it!

Winks, blinks, nods- Tammy in Tiburon writes:

Dear Page,

I was 50, “a classic suddenly single” and actively doing ”romance research”(a.k.a. dating around.) I had met a long line ”nice guys,” however, I never met a keeper.

Based on results, friends called my dating patterns  the flight of the bumblebee-okay, so I was a little peripatetic. My practice was to try an online dating site for a few weeks – take a hiatus-and try another. It seemed to work.

On this particular evening, some guy with a funny name –sent me a ”wink.”

Most women roll their eyes and think a wink is considered the lowest form of communication. (Like a wolf whistle.)

An experienced dater, I agreed. However, several minutes later, man-with-funny name-sent a short note expressing interest in my profile. This double whammy got my attention. In a “Oh what the heck” moment, I perused his dating profile and was impressed in four sentences.

Not only was he smart and a clever writer. He was very bright. He sounded like an exceptionally nice guy. Next, I took out my fine-toothed comb and studied all of the particulars. Impressive!

We exchanged a few emails and then arrange to speak on the phone.

He had me on “hello.”

He was funny, very bright, engaged and the source of much laughter.

He did the three things that make women swoon: He listened to me and asked questions. He made me laugh. 


Our first date lasted five hours.

We met in the City for lunch. I was breaking all the rules about too much, too soon, too fast. I couldn’t help it. I could blame the waitress who was gracious, demure – like a butterfly- she took our order, attended to our every need, quietly suggested dessert and coffee… and disappeared as we talked nonstop.

After lunch we walked around Golden Gate Park and continued talking laughing and connecting.

He winked – and I am so glad I “looked.” We are celebrating our three year anniversary this week. He is the center of my universe.

Thanks for all your romantic advice, Page.

A fan for life,

Tammy Tiburon



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