Valentine’s Day: Are you Seeing Red? Pink?

The Valentine’s Day marketing massacre

starts days after Christmas.

Towers of heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, buckets of long stemmed red roses and stacks of Valentine’s Day cards start filling the store’s display cases.

Vitamin C for your heart

Valentine’s Day is famous for the push towards the Three C’s: chocolate, champagne, and cards.
Now, even more, there is big push for cupcakes and cookies and calories. Wait until you see the pink, heart shaped, bagels.

See’s has plump bags filled with red-hot hearts, red foil covered chocolate hearts and beautiful red satin, heart-shaped boxes filled with yummy dark or milk chocolates. Tables are piled high with over 30 different candy gift-boxes –all variations of a chocolate theme. It is no surprise: More Chocolate is purchased on Feb 13/14 than any other  two days~

Cupid Made Me Do It
Here’s the great thing about  Valentine’s Day:

Yes! You can send Sweet Valentines  (snail mail, e-mail, text,  Or  hire the yellow airplane from Oakland that pulls the banner)   to everyone you know

Now is the time to reach out…touch someone… send a “kiss“  to every heart-throb,  crush, flirtation, wanna be sweetheart ~ and say,  “Cupid made me do it’…

balloon-1046658__180 Keep it light?

Always err on the side of light – helium light.

Remember: February 14th is the best day of the year to throw caution to the wind and send fun and flirty salutations. Keep it simple, sweetie: A simple card and / or a suggestion about going for a hike, meeting  for coffee, tea or  a glass of bubbly is a sweet idea…

It’s good for your heart. Blame Cupid.

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