How long can a woman actually be 55?


Georgina had changed, updated and concealed her age for so many years, sometimes she actually thought she was 55.

Double nickels

Last year, her friends gave her a surprise party at 555 California in San Francisco. She loved the idea of double nickels at triple nickels. She thought about it, and wondered if her friends been taunting her or treating her. 

Some of the girls thought Georgina was very crafty in the way she concealed her age. With the beginning of the New Year, she  started with the Barre System- she called it  “Pilates on steroids.” Her years of yoga had given her a very lithe and svelte body.

Of course, there was always the so-called, “Air-ian Diet” that she claims to have invented.  The trick to the diet was to eat very little. Georgina  was a pro at ordering a salad for lunch or dinner-and pushing a piece of lettuce around the plate for an hour. She might indulge in three or four pieces of lettuce. She told her closest friends that eating was boring, time-consuming- and something a single person should never do alone. Hence, the cheek bones and hipbones.


Her friend thought she was kidding. 

Waiters at some of the splashiest restaurants in  San Francisco, can spot the St. John Knit crowd of Air-ian Dieters. These are the women who are anxious to order a dry- martini, straight up, with three olives. They order the salad du jour, refuse any bread or butter, and very casually push the lettuce around the plate.

Pretty crafty? Only the waiters  busboys, maitre’d, and other diners can tell…










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