Mad Men in Spandex in a pique of Road Rage


The Boys aren’t happy.

A passel of Marin men want, nay, demand, their Bike Rights.

In a “No one is going to tell us what to do!” huff – they have taken to their  bikes and and are riding when and where and at  what speed they very well please.


Reams of Letters to the Editor and Sermons from the hill in Mill Valley have been parsed.

Hey! Move that Baby Stroller

The Mad Men say “…the group intends to organize mass rides on narrow trails, to picket any meeting that might be disruptive to any or all of the county supervisors, and may sue the county.


UPDATE:   On its Facebook page, the New Paradigm Trail Group posted a statement that sounded a like a shot over the bow if not an outright declaration of war:
“The RTMP is a failure, and its implementation must be modified or destroyed. We stand alongside Marin County Bicycle Coalition and Access4Bikes in demanding more trail access, but do not think the current tactics have gotten us the access that we need. We will be as disruptive as possible, acting within the guidelines of the law.”
Meanwhile, non-bikers have lined up in opposition:
Nona Dennis of the Marin Conservation League said that horseback riders and hikers actually make up 75 percent of the the open space’s users, not 55 or 60 percent. (She’s right, according to Korten.)

She says the sport “pushes the envelope” in terms of speed and maneuverability.



Meanwhile, The Greek Chorus in the farce hums “Get A Life.” 


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