Hug, kiss, shake hands? First date protocol?

Hugs and Kisses?

Suddenly Single in Marin

photo_2990_20070822Oh, happy day… a date!

The first date. It finally happened.

After weeks of trawling online for a kindred spirit, you’ve connected with someone you rather like.You exchanged the requisite three e-mails, two telephone calls, and both decided upon meeting for the proverbial   ‘coffee date.’

Avoid these Top 10 blunders and bloopers. Remember: Never Ever

1. Arrive late and fail to apologize.

2. Post an ancient photo of yourself, which doesn’t remotely resemble you.

3. Assume the other person will pay for coffee. You are a big girl/boy.

4. Take and make phone calls during the date.

5. Share details about your divorce. Nobody wants to hear about it. Really.

6. Advertise you are divorced, when you’re really separated. Truth in advertising is big in this area, too.

7. Ask your date how much they weigh, their height, age, or salary.

8. Regale your date with stories of your…

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