Next! Looking for a new boyfriend


It didn’t take Mimi long to realize that Claude was a boor. And a clod.

Her best friend, Trish, raved about the great looking dude who drove the ancient Mercedes and lived on a houseboat in Sausalito. She said he was quirky and fun.

Mimi met Claude at the No Name Bar in Sausalito – he was like Norm on Cheers –  everyone seemed to know his name. Points: he was well-liked. On their first date, he was interesting, had great stories to tell and he amused her. She might have had one glass of wine too many.

Two weeks later he called her to meet for drinks. She would have preferred  a hike, a jaunt to the City, a meal together. In a ‘what-the-heck’ frame of mind, she agreed to meet him at the famous, old restaurant, the Trident.  She dressed to impress; she wore her red leather jacket, boots, new Jeans and a necklace from Charming Charlie’s. She looked great.

When she arrived, he was “In his cups.” Again, everyone knew his name. By the time she had sipped half her glass of wine he realized ol Claude was tipsy, edgy – bordering on rude. He complimented her manicure. Strange. Next, he lapsed into a diatribe about American women and weight. He looked at her, reached for her hand and slurred that “her designer jeans were not cutting it.”

Mimi, stood up, and pulled a Churchill – She said, “Sir, you are drunk – and you will be drunk again tomorrow – I will be continue to be both smart, sober  and stunning and not available to the likes of you.”



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