Surprise! Bring a date home for the holidays?

Do you dare? Could be Jolly – Could be folly!

Suddenly Single in Marin

A wet red christmas ballHo, ho, ho, here we go: meet the family

Or Dysfunction: a game the whole family can play


Mistletoe and Folly?

You know the precarious December dilemma. You have a new holiday crush. You two have been dating for weeks, maybe months. You click, match and are very connected. You’ve become a couple and now must decide: do you dare bring your darling-date home for Christmas? Whether your family looks like the Addams family or a Norman Rockwell painting; you have to decide. Are you willing to subject your sweetheart to la familia?

Silent Night? or Rock Around the Clock Tonight?

And just think about who will be seated around the dining room table. There will be your quirky sister, the Vegan and her boisterous boy friend, poet; Aunt Xenophobe, Uncle Eclectic, Cousin Chauvinism. And your sweet little mother who can push your buttons like she was playing an…

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