Who are you calling a Tart?

happy woman

Call me a flirt, call me a tart – don’t  call me late for Happy Hour

Nice girls were told not to be too forward… and to o play hard to get.

Sweetheart, play that game and you’ll never meet anyone.

Repeat my mantra:  Just say Hi!

Just say, “Good Morning”

They both commuted on the Sausalito ferry five days a week. Eventually, they would nod and say ‘hey’ to one another. One typical, foggy cold morning, they were both in line for coffee, and a conversation started. It was a herky-jerky conversation. It started, ended, a pregnant pause, and it started again. He admits he found himself very tongue-tied. She said she though he was “cute and clever.”

Eventually, they sat together, all the way to the City.

The Fickle Finger of Fate?

Turns out: they worked six blocks from one another.They had coffee again and began to make a habit of it. The morning she brought her famous chocolate-chip cookies, he swooned, and asked her to dinner. They have been blissfully dating for one year.

photo_856_20060117two coffee

Ben and Jerry make a Ménage a Trois?

Peggy writes that she was in line at the Whole Foods just before Thanksgiving with a basket overflowing with all the requisite ingredients for the feast she was hosting.

A bearded man behind her had a basket with staples: coffee, juice, milk, paper towels, TP and 10 pints of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Jan said she smiled and joked about his ice cream collection. He revealed he had been living and working in Haiti for three months. He had dropped 20 pounds and had been dreaming of Ben & Jerry’s chocolate swirls, Cherry Garcia and Chunky Monkey. And Phish – he loved Phish.

As they stood in the glacially slow checkout line, they continued to chat. Peggy, party girl and hostess with the mostest,  quickly ascertained, he was single, new in town, and funny, so she invited him to her Thanksgiving party and promised him pies, ice cream, and all the trimmings.

He arrived hungry, sans beard, smiling and stayed in her life, happily ever after.


Just say “Hi!”


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