Just say “Hi!” That’s all

12729079_10207858340872909_2676984233487498022_nVery early on, the girls in Katie’s dorm realized the Freshman boys were shy…really shy.

The myth was that they all attended Catholic Boys Schools and were afraid of girls.

And so it began, a cadre of Freshman girls decide to start The Hi! Campaign. Each morning, as they walked over to the cafeteria. the girls said “Hi” (and variations thereof)  to as many boys as they could. They kept a running count as to how many boys returned the  greeting – how many blushed and looked away, and how many were simply “Incredulous.”

This creative Sociology experiment ( and later,  Term Papers submitted to the Sociology 101 class) opened doors and relationships for the Redwood 400 Dorm girls. The girls were perceived as flirty, bold, fun, daunting or bothersome – depending on who you asked.

And, they asked!

Katie, the queen of hyperbole, bragged she greeted 100 boys every day. The other  girls in the dorm were dubious and curious and watched her. It is was true! “Ms Popularity” spent more time flirting and chatting and talking to guys than she spent studying. It was no wonder that Katie and Jack started dating Winter quarter and were married Junior year.


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